Selling a Home

Experience has shown us that every home sale is unique. Yet every sale, from putting the house on the market through settlement day, shares a common process. The Real Estate Store will provide you with free market analysis and also help you understand the process so you can make smart decisions every step of the way.


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Find a Home

When looking for a home, we suggest that you arm yourself with a pre-approval letter, and decide which house to buy by evaluating your current and future housing needs.

Sell a Home

The Real Estate Store will provide you with free market analysis and also help you understand the process so you can make smart decisions every step of the way.

Purchase a Home

Buying a home can be stressful and frustrating. As a Real Estate Store client, we lessen the stress of home buying by personally taking you through the mortgage process.

Rent vs. Own

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Almost everyone is overwhelmed by the legal and financial red tape they believe surrounds the purchase of a home. So, the easy way out is to just keep paying rent. We have a better solution for your future!

How Much Can I Afford?

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If you are a first-time home buyer, the price you can afford to pay for a house may well be limited by your ability to come up with the required down payment and closing costs.

Mortgage Facts

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Your home is collateral for your mortgage loan, which is also a legal contract you sign to promise that you'll pay the debt, with interest and other costs, typically over 15 to 30 years.

Selling a Home

Do I Really Need To Use A Realtor?

You can do your home search by yourself, but why would you? With an experienced Real Estate Store sales associate at your side, finding the perfect home is easier, faster and a lot more fun. And you'll save time. Yet many buyers still spend endless hours pouring through classified ads, driving all over town, and viewing dozens of unsuitable properties –– simply because they haven't connected with a Realtor. If you are contemplating the sale of your home, or if you are in the market to buy a home, please complete the survey below.  The Real Estate Store will provide you with a free market analysis to achieve the highest possible value for maximum equity of your home!


Preparing and Showing Your Home

You don't get a second chance to make a good impression! A home that stands out among similarly priced houses is the one that sells. The following suggestions for preparing your home to sell are worth the special attention:



  • Lawn carefully mown, edged, fertilized and watered.

  • Trees and shrubs trimmed; flower beds edged, weeded and cultivated.

  • Driveways and walks free of snow or grass clippings.

  • Exterior house paint in good condition and clean, especially the front door.

  • All door locks open properly and easily.

  • Roof in good condition.

  • Screens and screen doors repaired.

  • All exterior lighting in working condition, with fresh bulbs.

  • Absence of clutter in yard and driveway.


  • Walls clean and unmarked, preferably freshly painted with neutral colors.

  • Windows clean inside and out.

  • All light fixtures working and fresh bulbs in each.

  • Plumbing in good repair.

  • No cooking, smoking, pet or other objectionable odors.

  • Sinks and tubs stain-free; faucets in good repair.

  • Caulking in tubs and showers in good repair.

  • All clutter removed from closets, attic, basement, garage and other storage areas.

  • Ask your Realtor what should be boxed up to give your home a more spacious look.

Pricing Your Property

Pricing your property right can sell your home faster. Your Real Estate Store sales associate will investigate all properties recently sold or "For Sale" in your immediate area. He or she will research prices and terms of sales in the current real estate market in order to arrive at an expected sale price. Don't be tempted to over-inflate the value of your property. The first days of the listing period are when the greatest activity occurs while selling your home. Overpricing may discourage prospective buyers from ever looking at your property.


Offers, Contracts and Closing!

A buyer makes an offer by submitting a written and signed offer to purchase. This document becomes the sales contract when signed by all parties involved. The selling agent customarily notifies the listing associate of the offer, and the listing associate will then arrange an appointment with the seller to present the offer.


At this point, the seller has three options:

  • Accept the offer as written.

  • Reject the offer if it is totally unacceptable.

  • Counteroffer, changing any unacceptable conditions. (When the counteroffer goes back to the buyer, the buyer has the option of withdrawing, accepting, or countering the counteroffer.)

When both buyer and seller agree to all terms (including changes made in any counteroffer), and indicate agreement by their signatures, the contract becomes "firm." With signatures and notification to all parties, a sales contract now exists.


Closing Details

Several professionals may come into the home-selling process after the offer is accepted, including a housing inspector (if hired by the buyer), a termite inspector, and an appraiser. If the buyer is financing the purchase of your home, the process will typically take 30 to 60 days. On the chance that a buyer's financing will not be given final approval, you should keep the house in good "showing" condition. As part of the contract process, you must prove to the buyer that you have a clear title on the house –– that you own the property, and that there are no legal claims against it. The attorney representing the buyer and/or financial institution will do a title search and issue an opinion that the title is clear.

Your Real Estate Store sales associate or attorney will help you gather the paperwork that the contract requires. 


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